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lion,, exactly like the one which Atsistamokon had
taken from him. When our old warriors saw the
resemblance between these ponies, they uttered a
mild exclamation:

'Hanh-h-h-h/ they breathed—and placing their
two forefingers alongside each other, they looked
at their Cree companions and said: *Peguin
—Tapiskoots—mis-atim!—Exactly the same—the

The Crees placed their forefingers together
(meaning In the sign language cthe same') and
looked over at the Blackfeet and nodded their
agreement with a broad, friendly smile.

Pretty-Young-Man, without taking any notice
of Atsistamokon, rode over to the mounted Crees
and told them how to act—what they were to do;
and then, in a manner that Indicated that he was
anxious to get down to business, he sent a messen-
ger to Atsistamokon to tell him that he could now
go down to the far end of the arena, and he would
send down the two Cree warriors whom he was to

Everything went off very well until the battle
came to the point where Pretty-Young-Man took
up the chase of Atsistamokon as he made his mad
dash through their camp—then something hap-
pened that made us all gasp.

As Atsistamokon raced past Pretty-Young-
Man, the latter turned his horse with a jerk and In